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Top 10 Smart Home Technology Features

smarthouseTechnology is reaching further into every corner of consumers’ lives, and one of the areas Coldwell Banker recently focused on was smart home technology. After conducting a survey among American buyers, Coldwell Banker released a list of the most important smart home technology features as specified by survey participants. These are 10 examples of top picks.

1. Kevo Smart Lock
Americans can do just about everything with their phones, and unlocking doors can now be added to the ever-growing list. With this technology, people can specify times for unlocking the door remotely. This allows realtors, cleaners, neighbors and other permitted parties into a house at a specific time without a key.

2. Nest Learning Thermostat
This intuitive new device learns a home occupant’s daily routine over time. As it learns the routine, it adjusts the temperature accordingly. For example, the temperature is higher when the occupant is resting and lower when the occupant is moving around or working out. It is also designed to be energy-efficient enough to save homeowners about 15 percent on their heating and cooling bills.

3. Canary
While the main purpose of Canary is security, it has the ability to analyze air quality. It also controls temperatures and humidity by analysis. With an affordable price tag, it is quickly becoming a popular item with many consumers.

4. Iris Safe And Secure
Lowe’s and Iris teamed up for this smart system. It includes a self-monitored home security system where users receive notifications on their mobile devices after alarms are triggered.

5. Nest Protect
As another great Nest product, this device combines the capabilities of a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector. If smoke or CO are detected, a human voice alerts home occupants and specifies which room the threat is in. The voice also lets occupants know if they are in danger and what to do. Since CO is odorless and is considered a silent killer, this detector is an essential smart product for any home.

6. Lutron Caseta Wireless
This product saves home occupants who are perfectionists about lighting plenty of time. It controls battery-operated shades, temperatures and lights for optimal distribution. The settings are based on home occupants’ preferences and can be specified for certain times during the day as well. The best part is that all settings can be controlled and changed via a smartphone.

7. LG Studio Appliances
These premium appliances combine top quality with modern design. Ranges, microwaves, ovens and refrigerators in this line are all designed to offer digital features for safety, comfort and ease of use. Users often say that these products are almost as helpful as having an extra hand in the kitchen.

8. Smart Duet Laundry Machines
Whirlpool’s new Smart Duet machines offer superior control for every load. Users can wash everything from hand-wash-only items to heavy-duty textiles. They are also compatible with the Nest Learning system. For people who often leave while laundry is still in the washer or dryer, the system will adapt and take steps to keep the laundry fresh until the owner returns.

9. TCL Roku Television
Television lovers who want more for their money are flocking to buy this device. In addition to offering over 2,000 streaming channels, the features are easy to use. Many consumers are also pleasantly surprised at the affordable price tag for the comprehensive features that this television offers.

10. Sage Home Automation
Sage is expected to be one of the most popular home automation systems. The entire home is connected and managed through televisions or mobile devices. Home occupants can see what is happening in another room, find out who is ringing the doorbell and adjust the temperature without having to get up.

These are just a few of the many technologies in existence to help homeowners and renters make life easier and stay safer. To learn how smart home technologies may influence your  insurance, Talk with an agent.

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