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Child Care Insurance in Northeast Pennsylvania

Operating a daycare in Northeast Pennsylvania or providing early child care services in Pennsylvania is a rewarding business, but professional child care comes with inherent legal risks. You, as a child care professional or owner of a daycare center, must have the right child care insurance coverage in place to be protected against lawsuits and claims. Child care professionals carry a heavy responsibility for the health and welfare of the children under their care. Unexpected accidents can occur, even when everything possible has been done to keep the children safe from harm.

Will you be covered in if one of the children in your care is injured, or if there is an accusation of negligent supervision? If a parent makes allegations of wrongful conduct or abuse by one of your employees, are you adequately protected? Child care liability insurance protects your center if there is any accident, injury or other legal problem. A local agent at Lehigh Agency in Pennsylvania will help you get the correct level of child care insurance coverage in place. We can create a custom-tailored child care liability policy that is affordable for your day care center or other child care business.

Insurance Coverage for Daycare Centers and Child Care Centers
With many children being cared for each day in daycare centers, there is always the possibility that a child can fall unexpectedly, or that some other accident or illness could take place. There is no way to predict all that could happen, no matter how many safety measures you have in place, or how hard you work on maintaining a safe space for the children. It is extremely important that your child care business has the right insurances in place to reduce risk and protect you and your business from financial damage.

The indemnity forms and other legal documents you have parents sign before agreeing to accept a child into your Northeast Pennsylvania child care program or daycare center are not likely to provide sufficient legal protection should you face a lawsuit or claim against your business. As a child care provider, you need liability coverage specifically tailored to protect child care centers, day care centers and professional child care providers.

Affordable Child Care Insurance Policies in Northeast Pennsylvania
At Lehigh Agency, we offer a range of affordable protection plans for your child care business. After a review of your existing insurance policies, we can show you the various types of coverage that should be in place that will protect you against claims, at rates that you can afford. We have plans that can provide coverage for child care buildings and other properties, vehicles used to transport children, comprehensive liability coverage, professional liability, crime coverage, sexual abuse or molestation liability, accidental medical coverage, bodily injury coverage and other types of protection. Your customized level of coverage can be based upon the size, scope and needs of your daycare center or child care business.

As a local agency, Lehigh Agency can arrange to have one of our friendly agents sit down with you at a time and place is convenient for you. Our agents all live and work in Northeast Pennsylvania, so all you need to do is call our Northeast Pennsylvania office and we will be happy to arrange a meeting, even outside of working hours if that is more convenient. We can answer all of your policy-related questions or concerns and can review all of your existing policies. If you have questions about your current coverage, or you need to purchase child care insurance for a business located in Northeast Pennsylvania or any other location in Pennsylvania, contact an insurance agent at Lehigh Agency to help you get the right insurance in place, custom-tailored to provide full protection for your specific child care business operation.

May 20th, 2014 by Lehigh Agency